KNOX CENTRAL: transcending the shopping spectacle…


This balancing act aims to rise above exclusive economic agendas. An invitation for the old, the young, the poor, the rich and non-human beasts...
city, street, markets, squares and houses: transcending the shopping spectacle…
"Why are you so interested in these houses?" one of the Turkish dwellers asks me, "they are ordinary". There it is, the fundamental question in its lucid form: why would these countless, repetitive, identical houses for the workers inspire anyone to explore their architectural significance? Yet, a few minutes later, she admits that the roof terrace of their building is "very beautiful and uncommon". Esra Akcan, The "Siedlung" and the "Mahalle"

image 1: Darren Kim Lee Yio
Project: medium density housing:
The housing project will emerge from a thorough understanding of its suburban circumstance. The objective is to identify current development agendas and propose new ones to ensure and facilitate a multiplicity of uses with a strong social and ecological programme.

Knox Central is the working name given to a core area of commercial and industrial land located along the Burwood Highway between Stud and Scoresby Road, Wantirna South / Knoxfield.
image 2: Group work

Below Chen Yik Ying's proposal:

Team leaders: Prof Greg Missingham

Studio leader: Beatriz C. Maturana


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