architecture: fantasy, creativity, play and the ‘real world’

reality check: fantasy, creativity, play and the ‘real world’

1. Introduction:

Disengagement from the ‘real world’ is a common criticism of the architectural discipline. With architects serving only 10-15% of the population and an even lower number in housing design, it is not difficult to understand the reasons for this critique.

Architecture is about imagination, creativity, play and fantasy—all activities promoted in architectural education, particularly design studio. It would be too easy to say that perhaps creativity, imagination, play and fantasy are not compatible with architecture's engagement with the real world.

The question therefore is, what are the conditions that allow play and imagination to serve architectural engagement with reality. Through this tutorial, we investigate what this mean for architecture and what is needed for imagination, fantasy and play to become tools in the search for a sustainable future.

Find this post: http://realworldarchitecture.blogspot.com/2009/04/imagination-fantasy-creativity-play-and.html


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