studio+space: what is trespassing to you?

studio+space: what is trespassing to you?

At our last committee meeting, we had a very interesting discussion around the notion of 'trespassing' after which, and as suggested by Peter Johns, we decided to focus on trespassing for our next words@bldg50.

The discussion was prompted by very real concerns around one of our pro bono project in which our ‘clients’ are actual squatters. So the question was: what is trespassing for Architects for Peace, is it something we take on, is it what we are…? After all we trespassed the notions of ‘nationalism’, ‘patriotism’, fear of ‘terrorism’ and many other such notions when we took an stance against the war in Iraq. Since then, we have trespassed the many government decisions by openly opposing them. For instance, on indigenous housing and land issues, on asylum seekers, on the continuation of the attack and occupation of Iraq, on the Kyoto protocol, on public transport and so on… Perhaps we might conclude that Architects for Peace stands for trespassing!

So, I would like to invite you to a visual exhibition which I will start. The question is: what is trespassing to you?

This of course will lead to our next http://www.architectsforpeace.org/seminars.php in November 08 called 'trespassing'. There are no limits to the form that your view of trespassing may take, and the only rule is that it has to somehow connect to the built environment. So it is up to you, from silly to serious all views are welcome. I will start with the following photograph I have called “corny”, which in my view trespasses taste and imagination, and makes me smile.

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